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◐ Product Summary

HOC SERIES were developed to increase the economy and efficiency when used at sites as alternatives to inorganic coagulants such as aluminum sulfate(liquid cake, solid cake), PAC, and ion salt which are now generally used in waste water disposal plant. Our Company’s HOC SERIES can obtain excellent results with the input of 1/5~1/10 of the amount of general inorganic coagulant. As there is no need to input neutralizing agent or only a small amount of them is sometimes needed, the treatment coat is greatly reduced.
  • apparence : citrine liquid
  • main components : chitosan added compound
  • specific gravity : 1.3 ± 0.1
  • pH : 3.0 over (10% solution)

electronic / food oil

refinery/ chemical

Steel making

Paper manufacture


Injection of Undiluted

Solution or use Diluted


Depending on the waste water

50 ~ 300ppm

Characterization of product

1. Reduces sludge generation by more than 30%

2. Chemical consumption is 1/5~1/10 of those of the existing inorganic coagulant

3. Depending on the condition of the waste water, neutralizing agents are not always needed

4. Efficiency of waste water treatment increases by 10%

5. The work is made easier than that in existing inorganic coagulants

6. Prevents the deterioration of facilities as the corrosiveness and oxidation properties are low

7. Additional effects (reduction of costs of seeding and electricity) due to the increase of

  chemical treatment efficiency

◐ Effects of HOC SERIES

⇒ treated water analysis results compared with those of other companies’ chemicals in the waste
  water of electronics plants

Aluminum sulfate(liquid)

Ferric PAC HOC
1332 2000 810 655
Turbidity(NTU) 3 5 1.2 0.2
Na Content(ppm) 236 300 85 57

Examples of HOC applications

Coagulant Raw Water HOC- II Alum Ferric Chloride
Dosage (ppm) - 60 600 600
COD 50 35 35 12
Neutralizing agen - not used used used


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