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◐ HSD Product Summary

This product is to remove colored particles in wastewater. Typed natural high molecular chitin is from crustacea such as crab, shrimp and insects. induction added functional group.
HSD exhibits very effective performance in coagulation of malignant colored wastewater. And it is adaptable to various material of color having powerful coagulation and flocculation.

  • apparence : dim white emulsion
  • main components : chemicals compound of chitin
  • specific gravity : 1.2 ± 0.1
  • pH : 3.5 over (1% solution)
  • ion character: cation

Dyeing waste water

Chemical waste water

Paper mill waste water

Other chromaticity

Containing waster water


Injection of undiluted

Solution or use of dilution



100~300 ppm


◐ Characterization of product

  • Having high molecular weight HSD is outstanding to neutralize surface currents of particles in colloid state
  • With functional group HSD exhibits efficiency in decolorizing
  • The effect of pH in treatment is almost not ; coagulant pH is wide
  • Though the water quality change, stability treatment is maintained
  • HSD can decrease the usage of inorganic coagulant

◐ Advantage of HSD  

  • It is water soluble as emulsion form
  • HSD increase water quality sinkability by structuring floc to form insoluble complex with materials(color, pigment, paper, leather, food)

◐ Application of HSD (dyeing)

⇒ Application method - using together existing inorganic coagulant

Coagulant Raw Water inorganic coagulant Inorganic coagulant + HSD 100ppm
Dosage (ppm) - 1000 inorganic coagulant(1000)+ HSD(100)
COD 700 406 358
chromaticity 5500 5000 125

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