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◐ PAC (10% PAC, HPE-1000)

The general method to manufacture PAC is to have high-purity Aluminum hydroxide(Al(OH)3) and hydrochloric acid react with each other, but our Company’s PAC is product with the maximum function of the existing PAC. Our products are widely used as water-purifying chemicals and water treatment agents. Poly aluminum chloride (PAC) is a multibase aluminum. As this is a coordination compound that has aqua-complex ions in the water solution, it becomes a multinuclear complex through the bridge of OH group and the nucleuses multiply to from a giant inorganic high polymer compound.



Injection of undiluted solution or use of dilution

  1. Treatment of tap water and sewage
  2. Treatment of general industrial water
  3. Treatment of waste water of plants
  4. Treatment of city sewage
  5. Flocculation and sedimentation agent during manufacture processes
  6. Vibration proof leather oil/Dyeing solvent
◐ Characterization of PAC
  • Effective in the treatment of raw water of low water temperature (winter season)
    or low alkalinity
  • Excellent in removing fluorine and phosphorus as active Ca ion was added
  • Alkalinity can be adjusted because the product is produced with the patented
    manufacturing facility (up  to 70)
  • Excellent results are obtained in the process of removing turbidity, COD, and
  • Wide scope of applied coagulation pH3
◐ According PH change Floc growth curve

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