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Chito-poly-aluminium chloride is a highly effective product using chitosan. Chitosan with
a high reactivity due to deacetylization is added to PAC with the degree of polymerization
higher than of existing PAC to increase the polymerization degree of PACA itself and
show the flocculation ability through the bridge role of the flocculant created as
natural polymer.


Water treatment in
Purification plants
and The treatment of water
For general industrial uses


Injection of undiluted

Solution or use of dilution


According to the state,
Characteristics of the product
  1. Wider scope pf pH application compared with other chemical.
  2. There is no need to use neutralizing agents as the pH value does not change
    drastically even if a large amount is input in high turbidity.
  3. Water treatment efficiency is higher than those of existing coagulants as the alkalinity is low because the degree of polymerization if product is high.
  4. The efficiency of effluent water is stabile as the flocculation ability is excellent and the speeds of floc formation and sedimentation are fast at low water temperature in winter season and at low turbidity.
  5. More economical than other coagulants as the input of chemical is reduced by more
    than 20% and decreased amount sludge generation.
  6. Excellent ability to eliminate algas when algas break out in spring and autumn.

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