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HOC-100A consists of inorganic matters such as complex of aluminum and chitosan derivatives as natural polymer.
HOC-100A is effective coagulant which has multi functional group therefor it can exhibit to remove color, oil and other recalcitrant materials.

1.Treatment process

1)Treatment(mixing, settling) time is short ; floc is structured by strong attraction and adsorption, so settling velocity of floc is fast.
2)The effect of pH in treatment is almost not ; coagulant pH(4~8.5) is wide
3)The supernatant is clear ; reaction is faster than other coagulants
4)Stability of treatments and treatment ability improved simplification of process ; optimum dosage is wide and water quality is maintained
5)HOC-100A can save treatment expense ad reduction of chemicals dosage and sludge volume.


1) Dosage amount is a little
2) Neutralizing agent is not or little used.
3) Decrease 30~50% sludge generation amount

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