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PACA are water treatment chemicals authorized by National Institute of Environment & Health Services in korea. These products make up for the weak points of PAC, the existing water purifying treatment chemical.
The stability and performance of these water purifying chemicals are better than those
of the existing PAC and the multifunction of removing various pollutants in the purified
water and waste water was added.

◐ Characterization of product(PACA)
  1. The input of about 1/3 of the amount of the existing PAC can secure high treatment efficiency as polyamine polymer authorized by NSF of U.S.A. was added.
  2. Can reduce the occurrence of senile dementia (Alzheimer’s disease) that is an
    issue of water purifying treatment by using PAC.
  3. Efficiency in the treatment of raw water of temperature or low alkalinity.
  4. Reduces the cost of disposing of sludge.
◐ Pilot test model of PACA application
◐ Analysis of comparison between PACA and general PAC

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