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◐ Phospho Remover(PACB-01,02,03)

PAC or any other weapons than conventional coagulants and phosphorus removal efficiency as a superior product line of poly aluminum chloride is the coagulant.
This is about 30% more than the existing PAC can reduce usage.

◐ General Characteristics
Classification PACB-01 PACB-02 PACB-03
PH 3.0 More than 3.0 More than 3.0 More than
Cultivation 8~10% 10~12% 12~14%
Basicity 25% Below 25% Below 25% Below
  ▣ T-P removal efficiency is higher than PAC
Excellent cohesion.
FIN FLOC occurred in the final treated less
Patent Pending
  Koje, Inje manufacturing method Patent Pending (Application No. 10-2010-42379)

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