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Physical Processing
    The material in the water and wastewater is biyonghae separate places for the purpose of.
Compositional changes can be expected to waste no trickery full treatment, filtration, through jungryeokcheomdang and reduce the load on the two primary treatment and
Is to remove solids. Cheomjeonji material handling, cheomsaji, using mechanical devices such
as screen underwater Floats, is to remove solids.
Physical methods of treatment


1. Screen:
Primarily of wastewater contained relatively bulky materials removed by installing a network of facilities to remove the dirt.
2. Grit chamber:
  Precipitation in the form of common sand and gravel to remove large particle size sujikryusik facilities, supyeongryusik, pokgisik and so on.
3. Sedimentation:
  Chemical treatment and biological treatment of advanced treatment available for the final disposal facility is the most widely used is the treatment facility. Residence time (3-6hr), effective depth (2-4m), the surface red men (25-40 ㎥ / md) and is designed to serve as
an important factor.
4. Floatation :
  Process of settling the opposite way, and includes a relatively lightweight material, depending on the composition of pyesuna other waste can be settled if the treatment
is the upper.
5. Filteration:
  After treatment of chemical and biological wastewater to remove residual mesehan float device to generally include highly processed chemical treatment and biological treatment, but the handling of the sludge also belong here.
  Coarse filtration facility treated effluent for biological or chemical residual BOD, COD removal of deodorant, detergent removal is a functional facility.

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