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Chemical Treatment
    Chemical treatment of the wastewater treatment process the most fundamental way, and depending on the level of wastewater contaminated with biological treatment
When combined with the chemical treatment, if performed alone, the ityeomyeo, chemical processing in the primary SS. COD and
Or heavy metals and other pollutants, such as a simple biological substances in the treatment process eliminates the impossible.
For normal handling enemy → 1 chabaneungjo → junghwajo → eungjipjo → Clarifier


1. 1st RUN :
In Group 1 chaeunggyeoljega put an order reaction, and the weapons of the type of oagulant,
is organic coagulant.
The role of condensation are destabilizing the stable wastewater to form a fine Floc Plays the role. Inorganic chemicals include a representative of the liquid aluminum sulfate, Ferric, hwangsancheol, Poly aluminum chloride and so on. Organic coagulant acrylamide as a representative series Mainstream
2. Junghwajo :
  In the final neutralization tank, dumping, or aggregation to the biological treatment of approximately PH 6-8 yidoe mountains and alkaline chemicals to be used.
Typical topics include hydrochloric acids, sulfuric acid, etc., and include alkaline neutralizing agent, caustic soda, lime,Is saengseokhoedeungyi.

3. Eungjipjo :
  Joe Jonas in a cohesive order kinetics of neutralization tank, the giant Floc Floc formed by fine To make polymer flocculant (Polymer) is a commitment.
4. Sedimentation :
  Floc formation of large precipitated supernatant transferred to a discharge or the treatment is biological. Matters of the facilities of a physical process is the same information.

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