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Biological Treatment
    Typically, biological treatment of wastewater microorganisms feed on organic matter ecomposition
and purifies the wastewater.
Biological treatment is mainly concentrated pyesuna, when dealing with biodegradable waste and
wastewater is passed through a chemical treatment Not be used when processing is complete.

A significant aerobic biological treatment process is divided into Law and anaerobic treatment.
Aerobic activated sludge treatment process in a representative manner, including commercial law and
has to live over, a representative of anaerobic treatment How the methane fermentation process has.
Aerobic process requires oxygen and organic matter in a fashion that is converted into microbial
cells, microbial cells to remove And aerobic bacteria, protozoa, and metazoans and involved in the a
naerobic treatment of organic materials to a level of organic Acid is converted into alcohol and
CO2 CH4 into two stages, and phosphoric acid producing bacteria and anaerobic bacteria,
methanogens are involved here.

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